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EKC Registration

Registration deadlines for EKC 2023 are:


  • Abstract submission: 1 Apr - 15 June 2023 ( Extended : 30 June, 2023 )
  • Early bird registration: 1 May - 31 May 2023 ( Extended : 15 June, 2023 )
  • General registration: 1 June - 30 June 2023 ( Extended : 15 July, 2023 )








  • Registration fee includes participation, programme book, proceeding, name badge, meals and coffee breaks during the conference.
  • Please note that additional costs such as banquet extra charges might be requested later depending on the future plan.
  • Registration fees do not cover accommodation, so participants are requested to arrange hotel rooms separately.
  • In the case of accompanying family, the number of accompanying persons should be indicated during the registration.  No lunches will be provided to the accompanying persons.
  • Please note that credit cards and traveler's checks will not be accepted (Bank transfer only).
  • Cancellation of registration or refund requests will be accepted until and on 31 July 2023. No refunds will be given after this date.
  • Please follow the ways of registration for (A) General participants or (B) Members of local associations in Europe.
  • Question or further information can be available through email:

A. General Participants


  • Registration fees for general participants are:


  • Full conference participation
    • General participants
      • Early bird registration: 550 EUR
      • Regular registration: 650 EUR
    • Student participants
      • Early bird registration: 100 EUR
      • Regular registration: 150 EUR



  • 1-day participation
    • General participants
      • Early bird registration: 200 EUR
      • Regular registration: 250 EUR
    • Student participants
      • Early bird registration: 50 EUR
      • Regular registration: 100 EUR



  • Extra Cost (if you apply)
    • Science School (over 12): 50 EUR (per Person)
    • Science School (equal and less 12): 30 EUR (per Person)
    • Family Dinner (over 6): 20 EUR (per Person)


1. You may check the total amounts of fees in advance, which includes registration fees and other programmes. This can be checked on the EKC registration system without providing personal information there.


2. Registration fees should be transferred to the bank account of the main organising association, VeKNI.

  • * Please indicate 'EKC 2023', Participant's name, Affiliation, and the registration code on the bank transfer. Otherwise we may not be able to allocate the payment to your registration. (e.g. EKC 2023 registration, Gildong Hong, OOO University, 041113003333)        


3. All participants should register on the registration system by selecting a proper registration category and filling in the required information.


4. An automatic email with a registration summary will be delivered after submitting registration.


5. After the registration fee is transferred, successful registration will be confirmed in a few days. You can check the registration status on the website.

(B) Members of local associations in Europe


  • The local associations in Europe are VeKNI (Germany), KSEAUK (UK), ASCoF (France), KOSEAA (Austria), KOSES (Finland), KSSEA (Sweden, Denmark, and Norway), KOSEANL (Netherlands), KSEAS (Swiss) and KOSEAbe (Belgium).


  • 1. Please contact your local association to become a member of the regular association.
  • 2. It normally involves the annual membership fee to be a regular member of the association (but, the condition differs from association to association. So, please check with the admin of your local association).
  • 3. Follow the steps on "A. General Participants" above.